Rising Talent in Horizontal Jumping at World U20 Championships

Emerging Talent Shines in Jumping Events

Tampere, Finland – As the eagerly anticipated World U20 Championships approach, the spotlight shines on an exceptional young talent from Cuba, Jordan Diaz. Despite being ineligible for the competition due to his age, Diaz’s remarkable achievements in the horizontal jumping events have caught the attention of the global Jumping community.

Last summer, Diaz made a name for himself by winning the World U18 Championships in Nairobi with a world U18 best of 17.30m. This impressive feat has been followed by further improvements, with Diaz surpassing his own record and reaching new heights. Most recently, he set a new world U18 best of 17.41m in Havana, showcasing his exceptional abilities.

Diaz’s dominance extends beyond his record-breaking performances, as he has recorded multiple competitions exceeding the 17-meter mark. Even his “worst” competition in 2018, where he jumped 16.95m into a -1.3 m/s headwind, would have been enough to top the current world U20 lists.

While Diaz will not be competing in Tampere due to his age, the event will feature a talented field of rising stars in the horizontal jumping events. One such athlete to watch is the French phenom, Martin Lamou, the reigning European U20 champion. Coached by former world champion Teddy Tamgho, Lamou has already demonstrated his prowess with a jump of 16.97m at the European U20 Championships in Grosseto last year.

Italy’s Andrea Dallavalle also impressed in Grosseto, taking the silver medal with a national U20 record of 16.87m. Although his performances in 2018 have been slightly down from his lifetime best, Dallavalle remains a formidable contender at the U20 level.

Other athletes to keep an eye on include USA’s Christian Edwards and China’s Zhang Zhanfei, both of whom have recorded jumps exceeding the 16-meter mark in recent competitions.

As the World U20 Championships unfold, the Jumping events are expected to be a showcase of the next generation of talent. While Diaz’s absence will be felt, the competition promises to be an exciting display of the rising stars in the world of Jumping.

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